about TCA

Technology Consulting Associates, LLC (TCA) was founded in 1998 with the mission providing high value services that help companies maximize the business value of their information technology investments.

After twenty years in business and consulting our founder was disturbed by the internal focus of the consulting firms he had worked for. This internal focus resulted in a number of behaviors that were detrimental to the companies using consulting services:

  • Billing rates that were calculated by multiplying a consultant's cost by up to 400%
  • Overstaffing projects to increase billings
  • Poor project success rates
  • Use of unqualified personnel that were "trained on the job" at the customer's expense
  • Overpromising and under delivering

Our founder felt that a consulting company could prosper by putting it's customers' interest first.

Technology Consulting Associates, LLC's first engagement was to produce an information technology strategy for a multi-billion dollar manufacturer and distributor of paper and building products. TCA quickly expanded into offering implementation services to assist companies turn strategies into business reality.




TCA has continued to evolve and adapt as the business and technology needs of its customers have changed over the last two decades:

  • Expansion of information technology into all areas of business has resulted in TCA providing customers with expertise all business disciplines, not just information technology
  • Globalization and commoditization of many traditional consulting services has changed TCA's resource sourcing model from "internal only" to the use of external partners as appropriate

In the two decades since it's founding the company has successfully delivered over five hundred (500) projects for more than eighty (80) clients.

TCA's track record of:

  • Placing customers' interest ahead of its own
  • Maintaining expertise in evolving business processes and the effective use of technology to improve business results
  • Adapting to changes in the marketplace for consulting services

has resulted in the business success envisioned when the company was founded.

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