When Technology Consulting Associates, LLC (TCA) was founded in 1998 the company focused on hiring and training individuals in two key areas: strategic planning focused on how to use information technology and implementation project management. As the company grew our employee skill base developed and expanded in various industries, business functions, business processes, and technologies.

However, TCA's and its customers' business environments were changing rapidly:

  • Information technology began penetrating every business function and process, requiring much broader strategies and expanding implementation efforts from projects to programs
  • Globalization and economic downturns resulted in cost pressures on TCA's customers
  • There was major consulting industry consolidation with larger firms getting larger and mid-size firms disappearing

In order to have the right people required to create appropriate business performance improvement strategies and implement those strategies in a cost appropriate manner, TCA:

  • modified its resource management function to include external people and organizations
  • placed increased emphasis on quality assurance to ensure that its unparalleled success rate continued

Today TCA projects are staffed with both internal and external resources with a major focus on quality assurance by senior internal employees.

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